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libyan cities. throughout monday and tuesday, president obama was silent on the libyan crisis, late on wednesday mr. obama broke his silence with carefully chosen words. >> first, we are doing everything we can to protect american citizens. and it's my highest priority. in a volatile situation like this one, it's imperative the nations and people of the world speak with one voice, and that that has been our focus. the entire world is watching. >> question, what is the reason why president obama has been hesitant to speak out against gaddafi and. >> it was very weak statement, john. but the reason he's been hesitant to speak is there's 6,000 americans, something like that, as of friday still in that country in various places. gov a maniac responsible for the lockerbie massacre. he could attempt reprisals against americans, shooting of americans, and hostage taking and all the rest. but this crisis, john, gaddafi is approaching his end right now, and in my view lot of people are pushing for american intervention. if anybody's going to go into stop a massacre going on or start using po
that she will make enough progress to attend her husband's space launch in april. >>> president obama is having lunch with republicans today to discuss the economy and spending. this is the first g.o.p. lunch that the president has held since republicans took control of the house last month. joel brown has more. >> reporter: these men, the most powerful republicans in the house, have a lunch date with the most powerful man in the world. they'll sit down with president obama at the white house for a discussion expected to center around where the government plans to put its money. >> without a doubt, there will be -- i think heavy discussion on the economy and on spending. >> when we go down to see the president, i'm hopeful we have a frank conversation on how we're going to create jobs and cut the spending in washington. >> reporter: the division of power here on capitol hill means the president has to have republican support in order to get any of his agenda items turned into law. >> they're involved in the responsibility of governing and i think an exchange of ideas on the issues we
. here in the united states president obama asked mubarak to abc indicate now. >> what is clear and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is my belief an orderly transition must be meaningful, egypt's overall military budget. question, president obama urges president mubarak to leave office at once. what is president obama's rational for pushing him over the brink? >> the obama administration got out in front and it got too far out in front, john. all that violence occurred wednesday, the obama administration has been caught flat flood in the tide has begun to turn in favor of the government. mubarak's guys are in the streets, they've indicated they'll fight to defend him. the army stayed neutral. the israelis and saudis came out and said the americans are undercutting, stabbing mubarak in the back, an old friend, throwing him seemed to indicate that he wants to be there when the next president is inaugurated, and as of now there is no way in my judgment those protestors without the help of the army can remove president mubarak if he does not wish to go. i think the army and muba
't know that! >> that's nonsense! >> multiple choice exit character, characterize president obama's moves in handling the egyptian cries. a, sure footed. b, flatfooted. c, wrong footed. d, none of the above? e, all of the above? >> a, b and c. >> that's all of the above. >> except for d! >> we go out the side door. >> he was cautious, in a rapidly changing situation, and there was fancy foot work there. and he comes out -- fancy footwork at the end and he looks pretty good, yes. >> really? >> well, i disagree. i this he was all over the map. you had some catastrophic situations where the director of national intelligence says the muslim brotherhood is largely secular, huge mistake. had he the king of saudi arabia calling him to the president of the united states, and he ran our c.i.a. director getting information from fox news, for crying out loud. this is not reflect very well on this administration. >> what do they say to him. >> abdullah had a very -- pretty frank, frank and brutal conversation saying do not humiliate your long stalwart ally of 30 years! >> i think obama did well withi
the signal that we should start growing again as america. >> president obama says he is looking forward to working with the gop and other democrats on cutting the budget and trimming the debt. he unveils his new budget plan next week. the republicans roll out their proposal tomorrow. >>> virginia's attorney general trying to expedite taking president obama's health care plan to the speak. he filed a petition to leapfrog the appeal's court review and take the case straight to the high court. the republican lawmaker wants the supreme court to consider the challenge to spare states and the private sector expenses. >>> we are tracking a little snow that could dust our area tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is on it. he has got the details. and up next, a break through in the treatment of breast cancer. what it means for every woman and man who has been diagnosed with this disease. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? one near y
obama issued a critical and blunt statement following mubarak's latest defiant stand. now, clearly impatient, mr. obama said the universal rights of the egyptian people must be respected. quote, the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority. the president said, but it is not clear yet that this transition is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. ines ferre is in washington with more on this. good morning, ines. >> reporter: good morning, betty. and president obama held a late-night meeting at the white house with his national security team. they're scrambling right now, after being caught off guard by the latest turn of events. the white house was as surprised as anyone president mubarak did not step down. in a statement last night, president obama criticized the egyptian leader for not offering his people the reforms they demand. it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the word, it read. the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they h
somebody -- >> what do you think of mr. obama's performance thus far? >> i think a slow start, but he got up to speed, which is not that unusual in these kind of situations. i mean, we did not have anybody here in the u.s. predicting the fall of the berlin wall either. this has been a massive series of events. everybody said it could happen some day but you didn't know when. everything came together with the crisis. >> as a result of a direct conflict between our ideals and beliefs, which are in democracy and one man one vote, and in our vital interests. in bahrain an american fleet there, which is a check on iran. if you have one man, one boat, will you get a see hartsfield- jackson government there and the sunnis won't allow that, and the king of about rain won't allow. that and i don't think the americans want that! >> which is why you see the administration playing this very carefully. they're really not out front nudging these leaders aside. on the other hand, if that leader in bahrain topples, the administration wants to be sure they are seen on the side of history and the side of y
to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. the obama administration has refined its position on the question of whether mubarak should stay or go. the answer now is go but not yet. the white house admitted monday it does not endorse mubarak's immediate resignation. the obama administration is throwing its support behind the newly appointed vice president, but he says egypt isn't ready for democracy. all of this will flies in the face of protests as they've been on the streets now for 15 days. terry mccarthy has the latest. >> reporter: the protesters are still here in the square behind me. in fact many of them slept out in what is becoming a virtual tent city in what is normally a busy public traffic square. in the battle of wills that is developing, the government has announced a pay rise of 15% for public servants. presumably to win their sympa y sympathies. and it has announced the stock market will reopen here next sunday. meanwhile, the uprising that has been largely leaderless has finally found its first hero. wael ghonim. he's a google executive in jail for 12 days fo
or not davis has diplomatic immunity which the u.s. claim he does. >>> president obama and several other world leaders are now questioning decisions by egyptian president hosni mubarak to remain in power. >> in the speech delivered yesterday on al-jazeera, he says he had no intentions of stepping down until september. ines ferre is there. >> reporter: promising the biggest demonstration yet. their anger and frustration only intensified thursday following the latest refusal to step down by president hosni mubarak. >> i have seen that it's required to delegate the powers and authorities of the president to the vice president. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands had poured into the streets hoping to witness history. but instead, mubarak pledged to transfer some power to his vice president and remain in office until september. after the initial shock, came outrage. protestors waved their shoed in the air, chanting in arabic leave, leave, the vice president told them to go home later. after the speech, president obama openly questioned the shift of power in a written statement and also urged officia
in new york, hoping their solidarity will force mubarak to resign. the obama administration has not pushed for mubarak to immediately step down. >> his continued leadership is critical. it's his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending an international security crisis. she says it's important egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is underway to keep the middle east stable. cbs news. >>> vice-president joe biden called egypt's vice-president today stressing the need for a concrete agenda for reform. sarah palin is openly blasting the obama administration's handling of the crisis in egypt. she says obama needs to tell americans what he knows about who will be egypt's next leader. protesters in egypt are getting support here in the streets. hundreds marched from the egyptian embassy to the white house. the crowds were trying to get their message out. >> reporter: for the hundreds of protesters who came out to the north lawn earlier today, the message was a simple one. restore democrac
was accidental. >>> president obama has sent his 2012 budget proposal to congress. the white house says that the plan cuts the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next ten years. republican critics say the spending blueprint does not go far enough. joe brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama's $3 trillion spending plan arrived on capital hill this morning. republicans say it doesn't go far enough. >> it's a continuation of as your chairman said a budget that unfortunately spends a bit too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much again. >> reporter: the obama administration believes it can achieve 2/3 of its savings with a free on nondiscretionary spending. and cuts $80 billion from the pentagon budget and cuts $100 billion from pell grants and college loans. >> it will mean cutting things i care deeply about. if we're going to walk the walk, these cuts will be necessary. >> reporter: but the president is also proposing spending increases such as on education which is why i visited a baltimore school today. they want deeper cuts here on capitol hill. >> you have
, president obama discussed developments in egypt in phone calls with leaders in britain, jordan and turkey. outside the white house, some are questioning whether u.s. intelligence missed key signals that a genuine uprising was under way. wyatt andrews has that part of the story. >> reporter: the administration clearly knew the end game was coming for hosni mubarak. c.i.a. director leon panetta said so openly thursday morning. >> there is a strong likelihood that mubarak may step down this evening. >> reporter: but mubarak surprised everyone, including the egyptian military, when he refused to quit on thursday. u.s. officials said, "he called an audible." after he did leave on friday, the white house said it had known mubarak's curveball was not the final word. >> we have gotten-- into last night, gotten indications that the last speeches may not have been given. >> reporter: but even if the intelligence was strong, as mubaramubaraks leavingmubarak wt clear what was knownt beginning. the c.i.a. compared its egypt intelligence to an earthquake, saying it knew about the grass-roots anger but
byzv ferry. and late today, president obama said the u.s. has a full range of options to hold qaddafi accountable. libya is divided with qaddafi loyalists and mercenary troops holding tripoli in the west. his opponents control bengaziand the oil-rich east and vowing to liberate the capital. mandy clark made it into libya today and filed this report. >> reporter: this was the scene in the coastal city of it, ubrok when we arrived at the main square tonight. residents shouted, "welcome to free libya, "and chanted, "down with qaddafi." inside the protesters' tents, young and old men fought for our attention. why are you here? why in the tents? >> we are here for the free. we need the freedom. >> reporter: like protesters across the arab world, they've captured the regime's brutality on cell phones. what am i looking at here? >> qaddafi's troops. they refused to kill people. they refused to kill our libyan brothers and sisters. >> reporter: in a qaddafi stronghold in tripoli, it was a very different scene. his supporters took to the streets in a noisy display of loyalty after his televise
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teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education? at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally. for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker i think. do you believe that the budgetary problems acr
response to the protests was muted but in the 13 days since the obama administration, while stopping short of calling for president pew barack's immediate resignation, has pushed for an orderly transition to democracy. today in an interview with fox news's bill o'reilly president obama had this to say. >> that egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: in a potentially explosive and rapidly changing situation, the president is trying to strike a balance. the administration is supporting the protestors demanding reform while also seeking to protect vital u.s. interests. >> it seems like of like a high wire artist where he has to walk a fine line between wantinging pew barack to go, but not going away that creates chaos. >> reporter: analysts say the stake kos not be higher. not only in egypt but throughout the middle east. >> what has happened in egypt has transformed the arab world. and the united states is going to have to fundamentally shift its foreign policy in a way that it has resisted for the past 2
for change across the middle east. >>> sending showdown. republican lawmakers take on president obama's budget and introduce a plan of their own. >>> and man versus machine. a super computer as on the best of the best on jeopardy. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betsity nguyen. we begin with the protests sweeping across the middle east triggered by the revolt in egypt. this morning will is a security clamp down in iran. anti-government demonstrators and police battled through the night. tense of thousands of protesters took to the streets monday flooding central tehran. police say at least one was killed and dozens injured. iran security forces cut phone lines and blockaded the homes of opposition leaders. >> reporter: with the ram h. under a media lock down, the only glimpse came by cell phone video. the crowds were big, they were angry and emboldened by events in egypt and it shows the regime intent on putting them down. at
. >>> and tech chore. president obama talks jobs with business leaders in silicon president obama talks jobs with business leaders in silicon valley. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the budget crisis that is gripping dozens of states. ground zero is wisconsin. and now president obama has weighed in, calling efforts to cut costs there an assault on unions. state employees in wisconsin, who have rallied for days, continue their protests at the state capitol overnight. republican lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that would cut workers' benefits, and union bargaining rights. efforts to vote on the measure were disrupted thursday when democrats skipped town. lawmakers may try again today. cynthia bowers has more on the drama in madison, wisconsin. >> union busting's got to go. >> reporter: in the wisconsin capital, the fight over the state budget is now up close and personal. they are protesting proposed budget cuts that could impact 300,000 public workers, and 14 democratic senators fled the state to delay a
sending mixed diplomatic signals? you had president obama calling on mubarak last tuesday to begin a transition, in his words, now. but then yesterday i guess it was we had frank wizner who was sent to the region to talk to president mubarak of egypt coming out and saying this. listen to what he had to say. >> the president must stay in office in order to steer those changes through. i therefore believe that president mubarak's continued leadership is critical. it's his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> schieffer: and the administration was quick to say he wasn't speaking for the administration in that. but what did you take from that? why did he say that? >> i think that frank, who is a very experienced diplomat, probably has had as many years in the state department has tom has, understands that removing mubarak is going to be critical here. he's trying to i think create some space for him to move. but that the administration, tick tarly the... particularly the president has a different challenge. he's kind of like a high wire artist in which he's got to walk a fine line be
on the budget. >> reporter: president obama sent his 2012 budget to congress, and big cuts are on the table. the white house directer said the plan has tough choices but republicans are saying it doesn't go far enough. michael hersenburg with more. >> reporter: president obama will unvail his budget plan today that will slash $12 trillion from the budget over the years. >> this budget asks washington to live win its needs. >> reporter: they will freeze domestic programs for 10 years. pell grants will also be cut. they provide loans to students. it would be used to keep the maximum college financial aid award at $5,550. >> we are not going to be able to do this painlessly. >> reporter: not only do they want deeper cuts in the budget, they are nighting for up to $100 billion in savings in the current budget. >> there's no limit to the amount of money our members want to cut. >> reporter: the republicans will introduce their own budget cut that will eliminate 60 programs and eliminate hundreds of others. >> the current lesson funning the government expires next month. if lawmakers can not agre
with president obama at the white house today, in part to discuss the ongoing unrest in the middle east, and north africa. she'll also host an internet chat where she will answer questions from young people in egypt. >>> now to new zealand where rescue crews are fighting time and aftershocks as they search for earthquake survivors this morning. at least 75 people are dead from tuesday's massive quake, and some 300 are still missing. a nighttime curfew has been imposed on hard-hit christchurch. another 300 people remain missing. authorities have abandoned rescue operations in some buildings where they know people are trapped but with no hope that anyone survived. a national state of emergency has been declared. specialists from the u.s. and other nations are rushing to christchurch to aid in the rescue operations there. >>> in other news, rahm emanuel, the former chief of staff to president obama, has been elected mayor of chicago. emanuel was the easy winner, taking 55% of the vote in a six-candidate race, and avoiding a runoff. emmanuel resigned from the obama administration last year
president obama just after we ran these ads for some of the medicare reforms you guys did in health care reform why don't you put more on the table. yes, we should come together to talk about these things but what just happened in the last election was a clear indication that they're not serious. >> schieffer: congressman ryan? >> look, we had a huge fiscal problem. primarily being driven by our entitlements. presidents are elected to lead. they're elected to see big problems on the horizon stop them from getting out of control. this president has punted in the words of the "washington post." he chose not to lead. in we pate for the other party to go first to propose reforms nothing will ever get done. that's the problem we've had in washington all along. we are going to lead. where the president has fallen we're going to lead. we're going to propose solutions to these problems to the drivers of our debt because is the sooner we we do that, the better off everybody will be. the better off these programs themselves will be made more solvent and our economy can grow today. look, the presid
conference today, president obama stepped up the pressure on pakistan to release raymond davis, he's an american diplomat who's been jailed since he sot and killed two pakistani men in january. as david martin reports, the case has strain it had relationship between two partners in the war on terror. >> reporter: facing a possible death sentence, raymond davis has been catapulted catapult frn obscure job at the american embassy in pakistan to the center of a diplomatic meltdown with a critical ally. now the president has been dragged in. >> if our diplomats are in another country, then they are not subject to that country's local prosecution. >> reporter: davis is protected by a long-standing treaty which grants diplomats in foreign countries immunity from local laws. but he has been held in a pakistani jail for nearly three weeks since gunning down two men who apparently tried to rop him. the u.s. says it was self-defense. a local police call it cold-blooded murder and outraged pakistanis want davis hanged. >> it doesn't matter whether he was a diplomat or not. a murder is a murde
lady says the commander in chief has kicked the habit. michelle obama said the president has quit smoking. >> but will he be able to continue being smoke-free? ines ferre has more. >> reporter: it is one decision that seems to have everybody on president obama's side. >> even though i'm a republican, go obama. >> i think it is great. >> after spending decades as a smoker, the president is no longer lighting up. his wife, michelle obama, revealed tuesday that her husband hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year. white house spokesman robert gibbs says the president was able to quit with the help of the first lady and aides who also stopped smoking. >> when somebody decides to quit smoking to try to overcome the physical addiction that they have, they do it not just because they want to but because others want them to. >> about 46 million americans smoke and brain research has shown nicotine is powerfully addictive. three out of four smokers who try to quit relapse within six months. even president obama admitted in 2009 to taking the occasional puff. >> have i fallen off the wagon s
in washington the obama administration is keeping a very close eye on those developments in egypt considered one of the most allies in the arab world. we begin with correspondent joel brown. >> reporter: protestors erupting with joy on the streets of cairo moments after egypt's vice president announced that president hosni mubarak agreed to their biggest demand and resigned. tens of thousands danced and shouted some even lighting torches in the tahrir square. the egyptian military which didn't intervene during the 18 days of protest now controls the country. >> reporter: in a statement a commander said details about the transition will come soon and he praised hosni mubarak's decision to leave. president obama was in a meeting in the oval office when he got the word that hosni mubarak had stepped down and he watched on television some of the celebrations gripping cairo. >> the people have egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events unfolded so fast the white house had to scramble to keep up. hosni the administration trying to walk a fine
kfc commercial with an actor playing president obama, but is this chicken commercial in bad taste? you be the judge. up first, russia's most wanted man comes forward to claim responsibility for that deadly airport bombing. we'll have the story. stay with us. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? >>> another day, another demonstration in egypt today. the young google executive who helped to start the online revolt against president hosni mubarak is out of detention today and he immediately rejoined the demonstrations. that as egypt's new vice president announced an effort to reform the constitution. he's launch add committee to monitor that process. the angry crowd camped out in cairo. they are calling for action. >> russia's most wanted man says he was the one behind last month's bombing. that explosion killed 36 people and wounded more than 100 others. the bomb went off as they were waiting in the airport's international arrivals
received a call today from president obama, who expressed his concern. meanwhile, on capitol hill, president obama won a showdown vote today over a costly pentagon program. the house voted not to fund an alternative engine for the f-35. the next generation fighter jet. producing that engine would have cost $3 billion over the next few years. budget cuts are also being debated in a lot of state capitals these days, including madison, wisconsin, where more than 10,000 state workers staged a protest today. republican governor scott walker wants them to make greater contributions to their pensions and health insurance. the state faces a deficit of more than $3 billion. now to the perpetrator of the biggest financial fraud in u.s. history. bernard madoff is serving 150 years for ripping off investors to the tune of $65 billion. his ponzi scheme played out over 16 years, and no one was on to him? if you find that hard to believe, jim axelrod reports, so does madoff. >> reporter: for 26 months, since bernar bernard madoff's multibillion-dollar ponzi scheme unraveled, one of history's gre
't reach an agreement on a continuing spending bill. president obama says if the fed freezes the economic recovery will come to a halt as well. the president is urging lawmakers to come together for the sake of americans and the economy. meanwhile, republican senator rob portman is defending the gop proposal for $4 billion in cuts saying the party's goal is to make sensible spending reductions to create more jobs. for more on the countdown to shut down check out our new special section on it is all about the impact it could have on this region. check on the banner of the right side of your home page. >>> synthetic marijuana and bath salts used to get high will soon be against the law in the state of virginia. outlying the chemically treated smoking leaves. and also the salts that users snort will become illegal. banning the chemicals found in so-called safe pot. >>> still ahead this saturday night. union supporters taking to the streets all over the country in a show of solidarity with protestors in the city of wisconsin. the latest on the budget battle. >>> libya is blasted wi
with hate messages on them. the n word, antisemattic phrases. president obama with 666 scrawled across his forehead. >> i think that one is probably the most concerning. >> reporter: and a picture of the holocaust museum shooter with the words hero next to it. >> we are all government workers around here and to come and to park and to see something like that on a meter is horrendous. i was very insulted. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in the district. from the police and fire departments to public works which operates the biggest fleet, city officials are now scrambling to find out just how many vehicles with been bought or leased and at what cost. >> we will look at it to see where there might be disparities. >> reporter: questions raised by the media after it was learned that two luxury lincoln navigators were decembered for dc council chairman kwame brown at about $1900 each per month. he rejected the first sufficient because he didn't like the grey interior. he decided yesterday to return a second leased vehicle along with an apology to city taxpayers. the mayor during questioning
is growing. the government's bloody crackdown against protestors is spreading and now the obama administration is scrambling to bring americans home. joel brown has more. >> reporter: violence and chaos are trickling out of libya. the latest amateur video appears to show protestors destroying monuments and posters of ruler muammar gadhafi. gadhafi has kept his grip on most of the capital and loyalists gathered to show their support but large areas in the east are out of his control. thousands of foreigners are fleeing the violence. the state department is ferrying u.s. citizens to the island of malta. but gadhafi has not backed down from his promise to squash the rebellion. he said he's willing to dui. >> he's clearly defiant, has pledged more violence here. i don't think this is going to end quietly. >> the obama administration is calling for an end to the violence but it is carefully avoided any direct criticism of gadhafi himself. and u.s. officials haven't outlined any specific plans for getting involved in the conflict. >> the administration has joined other governments at
responsibility and step aside and get the country to move on. >> reporter: obama administration is optimistic egypt will soon find a peaceful resolution and that the country will continue to move forward as a strong american ally. >> i have confidence if egypt moves in an orderly transition process that we will have a government in egypt that we can work with. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, president obama said he isn't sure if mubarak will resign soon but one thing is clear. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: as of now, mubarak has no intention of giving up power until his term expires in september. >>> local businesses are keeping a close eye on the unrest in egypt. some companies in maryland have trade partnership with the mood letter earn nation -- middle eastern nation. >>> wikileaks founder is due in a courtroom today fighting extradition to sweden. his lawyers plan to argue if he is extradited, he could face execution in the united states. the 39-year-old has infuriated american
of cairo. other observers say it was the obama administration and world community that persuaded mubarak that his 30 year reign was over. $1.55billion in u.s. aid alone carries a lot of persuasion. >> they are trying to make sure that it happens in an orderly fashion and b, when he steps aside it's not simply him being replaced by someone from the military who is going to continue to rule in the same harsh way as he has. >>> egyptians and the supporters protested outside the embassy again today. >>> and as bruce johnson told us, embattled president hosni mubarak says he is not going to seek reelection. that announcement comes after days of protest, including a massive demonstration today in cairo where thousands of egyptians took to the streets. the egyptian president bowed and released a taped announcement that says he is going to step down. >> i shall work in the few months that are left of my term in office to implement all the measures to ensure the peaceful transfer of power. >> now the protesters want mubarak to step downright away, but the egyptian president says he's not going
the insult against president obama that cost some workers their job. >>> now to a story of your right to free speech at the office. you remember these pictures from last year? president obama is getting a firsthand look at what the gulf of mexico did to beaches. two employees at a private company in pittsburgh circulated an e-mail that showed president obama on the beach with a caption, and i quote, another tar ball washed up on the shore. a company fired those workers. now those exemployees are suing. they were simply expressing their views and wrongfully fired. >>> got a toyota sitting in your driveway? here is some welcome news. the government says those toyotas are safe. you remember all those recalls in the past couple of years. the transportation department just wrapped up a 10 month investigation into issues with run away cars, nasa engineers were asked to check it out and they found no electronic shows -- only the mechanical issues. >> and virginia, a new push to keep us off the phone when we're driving. one, would let police pull over and ticket anybody. the other would let drivers
the obama administration is appalling violence in libya. so far, the violence has left more than 200 people dead. the libyan leader spoke to his people and vowed to fight until his last part of blood. the u.s. will evacuate troops tomorrow. >>> in wisconsin, the budget standoff continues tonight with the 14 democrats in the state senate still in hiding and republican governor scott walker upping the ante a bit. he is threatening layoff and allow the vote on the measure that would strip public employee unions of their bargaining rights. but speaking from across state lines, the democrats were not backing down. >> we felt we were compared to use the only constitutional provision available to us which is to deny a quorum so the bill did not get voted. >> the legislation says they're not backing down even. they have accepted the financial give back in exchange for keeping the bargaining rights. the governor said no. he argues the state needs more flexibility. >>> rush limbaugh is taking aim at the first lady's waistline. >> he said it didn't look as if michelle obama was following her own nutri
, he wouldn't say what that proof was. >>> world leaders, including president obama, have condemned gadhafi's deadly crackdown against anti-government protesters. michael herzenberg is in washington with the latest on this. good morning, michael. what do you know? >> well, good morning, betty. the president hasn't had much to say publicly about the crisis. but wednesday, he condemned the violence and warned the world is watching. >> suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> reporter: the president also said his administration is now exploring a full range of options to respond to the crisis. that could include economic sanctions, even military action. one option, establish a no-fly zone over libya like the ones once enforced over iraq to keep a dictator from using his air force against his own people. without some kind of intervention, analysts predict the crisis will descend further into chaos. >> this is really a fight to the death, i think, in libya. not only for gadhafi and his regime, but for the pr
in charge, at least for now, promises a transition to democracy. at the white house, president obama said the people of egypt have spoken, but he said this is the beginning, not an end, and he called for free and fair elections. we have an entire team of correspondents covering this story. when word came out that mubarak was out, harry smith was in the middle of tahrir square and many hours later he's still there. >> reporter: good evening, katie even at this late hour people continue to pour in here by the thousands and thousands. >> finally we get our freedom! >> reporter: this is what freedom looks like. and sounds like. >> today is celebration! celebration! celebration! (cheers and applause) >> reporter: virtually enslaved for 30 years, the people of egypt rose up. >> bye-bye, mubarak! >> reporter: and found their voice. tonight their prayers were answered. >> reporter: the newly named vice president was just on television and announced that mubarak had stepped down. thousands and thousands of people are coming from all over to join in the celebration in tahrir square. did you believe
>>> budget battle. president obama's latest spending plan promises a freeze in domestic spending, and some deep cuts. but republican critics want more. >>> the egyptian military suspends the constitution and says it will run the country for at least six months. >>> and an egg-cellent night. lady gaga makes a unique entrance. and a shocking win for album of the year. all the spectacle and surprise at the 53rd annual grammy all the spectacle and surprise at the 53rd annual grammy awards. captioning funded by cbs >>> and good morning, everybody. good to see you on this valentine's day. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. if there's one issue that can set off verbal fireworks in washington, it's money, and how it's spent. today, president obama unveils his budget for 2012. it's sure to lead to contentious debate. the plan calls for cutting federal programs and trimming military spending. republicans say those spending cuts aren't nearly enough. michael hertzenburg is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. up until now the rhetoric among d
battle for libya. president obama says for the first time that qaddafi has to go. while in hibbia, scores turn out for a funeral in the capital as armed qaddafi supporters patrol the streets. and in the eastern part of the country, rebels are strengthening their hold. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, escape from libya. americans evacuated from a brutal civil war get to tell the story of their journey to safety. search for justice-- more than 40 years after civil rights-era crimes, a group of law students works hard to keep cold classes alive. an elusive street artist is leaving his mark on los angeles and tomorrow may have a rendezvous with oscar. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. it is already sunday morning in libya. after a quiet by tense day, filled with funerals and evacuations. and from the west, some very strong words from the president of the united states. let's attack a look at the latest. the capital city of tripoli is in lockdown. the u.n. estimates 1,000 people have been killed in the civil wa
protesters have been killed. yesterday, president obama criticized the iranian government. >> what has been true in egypt should be true in iran, which is that people should be able to express their opinions and their grievances, and seek a more responsive government. what's been different is the iranian government's response. which is to shoot people and beat people and arrest people. >> the iranian government had said it supports the uprisings in tunisia and egypt. >>> now to some disturbing news about one of our colleagues. cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara lagen is recovering from a brutal attack she suffered while covering events in egypt. this is logan in cairo's tahrir square on friday night just before the assault. logan was separated from her crew, and security, in the crush of the mob that surrounded them. in a statement cbs news said she suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault, and beating. logan was saved by a group of women, and egyptian soldiers. she has returned to the u.s., and is recovering in a hospital. >>> this morning, the pakistani government says a u.s.
michelle obama is mark the one-year anniversary of her let's move initiative appearing on live with regis and kelly this morning to talk about ways working moms and families can eat healthier. then the conversation turned to valentine's day. >> what would a good gift be that the president can give you? >> jewelry. >> you can't go wrong. my birthday was the 17th and it is christmas. so by february 14th, we are kind of tired. >> but is he essentially a romantic man? >> he is. >> he has got a lot on his mind. he is busy. >> he remembers dates. he doesn't forget a thing. even when i think he is i will have a little attitude -- >> you give him attitude. >> i do. >> sure, give him a little attitude. >> but he always comes through. >> so the president is romantic. they are the first couple. and it is true, jewellry always goes over well. >> i have even found when you say you don't want jewelry you still do. >> you do. >> it is code for you should go get it. >> right. >> it took me two years to figure that out. >>> all right, a little bit of light snow moving in tonight. it is the same system tha
. it will connect 370 to georgia avenue in montgomery county. >>> president obama will welcome the latest medal of freedom recipients to the white house. they include former president george h. w. bush, georgia congressman john lewis and angela murkel. >> the flyers will report their airlines. how well they're handling delays and treating you during the delays. the site is pushing for a passengers bill of rights. >>> also today, a lot of the redskins fans will probably be talking about the latest misadventures of albert haynesworth. >> the troubled defenseman is accused of sexually assaulting a waitress. she worked at the w hotel in northwest washington. >> that's where surae chinn is live this morning with both sides of the story. surae, good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, folks will be talking about this redskins fan or not. it seems controversy surrounds and follows the 29-year-old defensive lineman and the latest scandal, apparently happened here at the w hotel in downtown d.c. and northwest. and the latest incident, police report doesn't say it happened either in the restaurant on
. >>> well, president obama and other world leaders are calling for calm in egypt. government supporters attacked the antihosni mubarak kennel administrators who have been marching for days. this is a live picture from cairo where you can see the fiery aftermath of new fighting there tonight. joel brown is at the white house where the obama administration is calling for a stop to the violence and for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down now, sooner rather than later. >> reporter: it is some of the fearest fighting since the upheaval and has forced the white house to ask for calm and change in egypt. the streets of cairo erupted into an all-out battle for egypt, the two sides hurling rocks and bricks, even fire bombs which lit up downtown streets. chaos after supporters of president hosni mubarak road in on camels and horses attempting to break up the uprising. this president should stay and finish his term says this pro- government protestor. tuesday president hosni mubarak pledged to step down in september instead of running for election but protestors want him out now and the
clings to power. hundreds of americans, meantime, trying to flee the nation, while president obama condemns the brutal attacks on demonstrators. >> suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. >> we will bring you the very latest this morning from tobruk, one of several cities where opponents have taken over. >>> a left wing website gets wisconsin's republican governor to reveal his plan for putting pressure on the big unions. we will hear that tape, and the governor's reaction. >>> and back in the water. one year after seaworld trainer was drowned by a killer whale, the live shows at the parks are finally set to return. but questions remain, even with new rules put into effect. we'll speak with a former trainer about the tragic incident, and what's now being done to ensure their safety. "early" this thursday morning, done to ensure their safety. "early" this thursday morning, february 24th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> and good morning on this thursday. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm chris wragge. we're going to talk this morning about the situation in libya, w
for cbs news, new york. >> sometime tomorrow u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon will visit president obama. >>> prices at the gas pumps. right now the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.35. 20 cents more than we paid a week ago. increase at the pump following a hike in the price of crude oil, the main ingredient in gasoline. >> we just have to accept the fact that $5 a gallon is probably where it is going. >> i drive a lot less. i walk more. i ride my bike. >> i can't control it. >> i have a friend who says it is going to be over $4 this summer. he is convinced. so we will see. >> again, there is public transportation. gas prices haven't been this high since october of 2008. >>> the accuracy of some police breathalizer machines is coming under scrutiny tonight. a council member will holds a hearing on the devices and people will testify about cases where the machines have just been wrong. they have been forced to drop drunk driving charges. >>> still ahead on 9news 9news the mayor talking to us. coming up. >>> march 26th. run through the heart of dc. register at national marat
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